Cut Your Shopping Time and Save Money

Cut Your Shopping Time and Save Money

We have all done this, you run into the store to grab just one thing and end up spending $100, wasted 2 hours and you didn’t even get what you originally came for.  Wouldn’t you like to make the whole experience more efficient and still get what you came for?  We aren’t talking about window shopping but regular shopping like quick runs to the grocery store.

The fact is that regular shopping shouldn’t take any longer than a half hour and you should be able to stick to the budget that you created for yourself.  We can help keep you from loading your cart up with all the unnecessary things that you don’t need and stick to the list of things you came for.  Let’s see how you can cut your shopping time and save money at the same time.

  1. Make a list

For things like groceries tack a list to your refrigerator where you can add things as soon as you run out.  Never ever go into a store without a list, the list is your roadmap around the store to find the things that you need,

  1. Go shopping only once a week

Grabbing everything you need at once will save you a ton of time over heading into the store or the mall every time you need something.  Do your grocery shopping only once a week and make sure that you grab enough to last the entire week.  Perishable items like fruit and veggies won’t last more than a week anyway, so once a week is perfect.  Here is how to go grocery shopping just once per week.

  1. Get Directions

If you can’t find something in a store, ask someone where to find in.  Don’t waste time walking up and down the aisles looking for something and being tempted by lots of things you don’t need in the meantime.  This is what staff in a store is there for.

  1. Be Wary of the Sale Items

If you go into a store looking for soup and the soup is on sale, that’s great.  We humans fool ourselves into spending more money on sale items under the delusion that we are getting a bargain.  Stores know this and use it to their advantage.  If you see something on sale that you can actually use right now then get it, but don’t buy things simply because they are on sale…that’s not a bargain.

Start using these techniques right away and you may just find yourself with more time and more money!